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fitting and maintenance

Recommended Maintenance by Customer

All windows and doors require some degree of maintenance. We recommend regular inspection of all windows and doors and, if required, cleaning and/or maintenance as appropriate to the material and finish. With proper maintenance, wooden windows and doors can be retained in excellent condition far beyond the terms of any guarantee (plastic or aluminium will slowly and irrevocably deteriorate and cannot be revived). Please see separate sheet on Timber Preservatives and Finishes.

Natural Movement

Wood is organic and moves (a slight swelling and shrinking), particularly when exposed to the elements or changing temperatures. This is a natural process, so expect your windows and doors to be slightly looser in hot, dry weather and slightly tighter in cold, wet weather. Proper draughtsealing takes up the normal movement in wood, so this should not affect the performance of our windows and doors under normal circumstances.

Water Penetration

This should be avoided. Please remember that, in addition to rain, water may
penetrate a window due to lack of general house maintenance, such as a leaky
drainpipe or gutter, rising damp, etc. The design of our windows and doors ensures that normal rainwater will clear away without harm. To support this process, the Customer should clear away any debris such as dead leaves etc., particularly around the cill area.

Cleaning the Seals and glass

Excess dirt will eventually impair the performance of the seals. To remove the dirt, grease, etc. seals can be cleaned with a weak solution of washing-up liquid and warm water, using a soft cloth, and finishing with a wipe of clean water. Clean as you would a normal window.

Insurance Claims

Unless already included, we recommend adding your new windows and doors to your Home Insurance Policy, to cover such items as accidental breakage, etc. In the event of a claim we can provide a quotation, acceptable for insurance purposes.