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sustainability and energy efficiency

Wood is the ‘green’ choice - it is the only naturally renewable material for windows and doors. As well as avoiding the CO2 emissions produced in the manufacture of products from other materials, wood products continue to store CO2 throughout their working life. Aside from environmental concerns, homeowners are becoming increasingly aware of the value to be gained by ensuring that their property is fitted with appropriate windows and doors.

However, we also have a responsibility to ensure we source sustainable wood - simply put, a tree harvested replaced by another tree. We have engaged the Rainforest Alliance to certify our chain of custody through the Forest Stewardship Council - from timber mills, through to manufacturer, and onwards to our customers. The environmental advantages of using timber are simply undone if sourced from unsustainable sources.

Our timber of choice is European redwood. Firstly it is stable, mature timber and secondly it is a wood type that is in plentiful supply and whose population is growing. Although we use hardwood, albeit in minimal quantities, we are committed to continually reducing our use of hardwoods to zero.